Executive Summary

The Cavalry is a grassroots organization that is focused on issues where computer security intersect public safety and human life.

The areas of focus for The Cavalry are medical devices, automobiles, home electronics and public infrastructure.


Our Message

We believe that our dependance on computer technology is increasing faster than our ability to safeguard ourselves. As the question around technology is less-and-less “can we do this” we must more-and-more be asking “should we do this.”

Our aims are:

  • To selectively improve visibility and awareness of these issues while preserving trust.
  • To inform decision-makers in public policy, manufacturing, oversight and customer organizations so they take smart risks.
  • To collaborate among all stakeholders, deal with concerns and find a common way forward where everyone wins.
  • To catalyze, amplify and demonstrate public good done by security research of consequence.
  • To promote systems thinking that examines interdependencies and externalities, not just pieces of the whole.

An overview of the way we see the world can be found in Josh Corman’s TEDx Naperville talk: Swimming with Sharks.

Background and History

In August, 2013 The Cavalry movement launched, calling on the participants at DEFCON and BSides Las Vegas to embody the leadership the security industry needs to provide. The community embraced the idea. Our discussion list has been very active and we have had a place at several of the premiere security conferences, such as Derbycon, Shmoocon, OWASP AppSec USA, BSides SF and RSA. Representatives from target stakeholders have come forward – publicly and privately – to support and help further the cause. The Cavalry has come at a time when its message is being well received. The movement started with a few and has grown to a few thousand who have heard the message and want to help.


The Cavalry is nothing without the contributions of those passionate about the cause. Our discussion list has hundreds of people who shape the direction and look of the group. The presentation audiences have provided valuable feedback to shape messaging and support to drive us forward. We are nothing without these people and they have our gratitude.

Partners or Collaborations

The Cavalry has several formal and informal relationships in industry, media, government and the security community. Some of those who have collaborated on our common mission include:

Many others are working with us in the background quietly and may be ready to publicly announce partnerships in the future.

Quick Look

  • Inception: August, 2013
  • Members of discussion list: Hundreds
  • Presentations given: Dozens
  • Formal workshops held: 10+

Roadmap and Plans

  • Establish a formal entity to put The Cavalry ideas into action
  • Hold sessions globally, wherever our message gains a following
  • Establish formal activities, milestones and deliverables
  • Continue to build the community
  • Provide concrete ways for volunteers to contribute, locally and globally