The Cavalry is not a spectator sport. To effect change and to improve public safety and human life the way we need to, we need you. No matter who you are, no matter where you are globally, your help can make the world – and the Internet of Things – a safer place.

Get in touch with us at info -at- if you want to contribute in these, or other roles.

Technical Researcher – Quite a few of the people who are looking to help fit into this category. As researchers one way you could help out very simply is by nudging the targets of your research towards areas with real-world impacts to human life and public safety. That approach is one that creates new knowledge and also has a tendency to get you better noticed by others in the industry, media, conferences, etc. For example, looking at electronics in cars and how they communicate, building on the reverse engineering and knowledge that others have put out there to create new information that wasn’t previously known. You can do that by getting involved with research-focused groups that already exist, such as Open Garages (, Build It Securely (, and others.

Non-Technical Researcher – Research and analysis on a variety of past, current and future issues. This will likely include areas of public policy, law from various jurisdictions, media, public relations, etc. This task doesn’t require technical or security knowledge and can be done by anyone.

Legal Corps – More detailed research and analysis, as well as drafting articles for law journals, advising on legal issues and precedent, etc. There are few lawyers among the computer and information security community, but there are millions to pull from among the general population.

Policy Corps – A critical part of the solution is going to be helping legislature and oversight put in place rational and reasonable laws, policies and governance. This is a specialized way of thinking and knowledge that is rare in our industry but is common around the world.

Media Corps – Broadcasting our perspectives and opinions to the world helps win hearts and minds, as well as open rational FUD-free dialogs.

Industry and Government – We cannot achieve our goals without the decisionmakers in industry and government. You cannot achieve your goals without competent security expertise from the technical literati. Let’s team together to make the world better.

Technical Literacy – We know a lot more about computer and information security than the general public. They know a lot more about their specializations than we do. It’s not reasonable to expect that they’ll become experts in what we care about. It’s up to us to provide clear, accurate information to them in a way they can understand. This is one of our biggest hurdles as a community, but it’s one that can be overcome with practice.

Technology – Researchers need materials. Technical researchers need technology. If you have medical devices, cars or other software-enabled, digitally-connected technology that has the ability to affect human life and public safety we hope you’ll get it to some of the researchers out there who can put it to good use. No promises on getting it back in one piece though.

Wiki Contributor – We have a medical device security wiki online and need contributions to help improve the content.

Conference Organizers, Podcasters, Bloggers, Journalists – We are always looking to come talk to interested audiences. Especially those outside of the traditional security echo chamber.