9-3-19 – News This Past Week

How to reduce the attack surface associated with medical devices
Most medical devices available in the healthcare system today were not built with security in mind and it will take years until they are replaced (if they are at all) with next-generation devices

Securing Our Infrastructure: 3 Steps OEMs Must Take in the IoT Age
Security has lagged behind adoption of the Internet of Things. The devices hold much promise, but only if a comprehensive security model is constructed

Researchers Analyze Tools Used by ‘Hexane’ Attackers Against Industrial Firms
Security researchers from Secureworks have analyzed several tools used by the Hexane threat actor in attack campaigns against industrial organizations over the past several months.

Senators Question NHTSA on Risks of Connected Vehicles
Two United States senators have sent a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to inquire about cyber-risks associated with connected vehicles

Sex robots with ‘coding errors’ could STRANGLE you in the act
The world is getting pretty kinky, but I think this new story really tops them all – killer robots that will strangle their partners, is something that is being warned if robotics are not regulated properly.

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