The Cavalry is not a spectator sport. To change and to improve public safety and human life the way we need to, we need you. No matter who you are, no matter where you are globally, it falls to you – and all of us – to lead.

Perhaps the first, best thing to do is to get involved with the I Am The Cavalry community through the discussion group. You’ll be able to subscribe as a mailing list as well as to read through previous discussions and weigh in.

Rather than asking how you can help us we want to turn the question around and ask how we can help you do something you’re passionate about. I Am The Cavalry aims to be a collector of existing knowledge, a connector of people and resources, a collaborator among stakeholders in and out of the research community (media, legal, policy, etc.), and a catalyst to help things happen.

If you are already familiar with an industry, its considerations and connections to some of the people in that area, think about some questions:

  • What are the cybersecurity issues that have the potential to impact public safety and human life?
  • Why do these conditions and issues exist – what is their root cause?
  • Who are the stakeholders, and what are their concerns, goals, and objectives?
  • Where are the critical incentive structures in the industry that can shape its outcome?
  • How can these stakeholders and incentive structures be engaged to create positive change?
  • When, in the overall lifecycle of industry components, will effort make the most difference?

This structure can shape you think about the means that will be most efficient and effective to achieve (y)our ends. This isn’t a solo mission; outcomes are improved with the viewpoints and experience of other willing allies. Will you join? Will you lead?

Research and Outreach

The skills we need are not just technical – those muscles we are already flexing. To change the world we have to be able to reach out to others, to understand the context within which the technology operates and to find non-technical solutions.

Internal Needs

The Cavalry needs resources to facilitate the people who are driving towards accomplishing the mission. These resources can be time, hardware, software, expertise, financial, etc.

Discussion List

The Cavalry maintains an archived discussion list. You can join the conversation in your browser or through email.


We have made some resources available through the website and by linking to other content sources. These can help you as you start making a difference. If there are resources you’d like to see but don’t then let us know.