Monthly Update: March

Jen Ellis and Trey Ford from Rapid 7, and Josh Corman from Sonatype, have been out on Capital Hill, speaking with Congressional staffers, lobbyists and lawyers. Jen and Trey have been providing a voice of technical literacy, helping to inoculate against bad legislation. Josh has been speaking to them about the bigger issues of computerizing and connecting all the devices.

The Cavalry has been on our own March Madness streak this month, barnstorming across college campuses. Josh Corman grabbed the keynote slot at the Northeast regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NECCDC) this year. He also spoke at the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS) 15th annual information security symposium. And Beau Woods presented to the GreyH@t student group at Georgia Tech.

Activity Report: February

As the security industry recovers from BSides SFRSA Conference and Trustycon, we here at Cavalry HQ have been pulling together everything we learned so we can be better and stronger.

  • DuoSecurity launched their initiative, co-branded with The Cavalry and with Bug Crowd, called The idea is to empower small Internet of Things manufacturers (think Kickstarter) with the information needed to secure their projects, no matter how small their budget or big their ambition. Check out their presentation The Internet of Things: We’ve Got to Chat.
  • Jen Ellis from Rapid 7 and Steve Ragan from CSO Online gave a short media training session. It was great to hear from people who are the media and deal with the media every day to get a much better understanding of how we can align our incentives with those of journalists and media outlets. We’ll have to host that kind of event again.
  • The Cavalry had a booth and three speaking slots at the RSA Conference. We were in The Sandbox area, which was new this year. It was a great place, off the vendor floor, where we could really interact with people who stopped by. That drove a lot of good connections with folks, both new recruits and people who’ve been supporting us from the beginning.

Talk: OWASP AppSec USA

At OWASP AppSec USA 2013, Josh and Nick came back to the stage to tell their story again, with an update.

Talk: TEDx Naperville – Swimming with Sharks

Josh Corman was invited to deliver a presentation at a TEDx event in Naperville, Illinois. His talk was entitled “Swimming with Sharks” and was a firsthand account of getting in the water with an apex predator. He related the experience to work he’s done on Anonymous and brought the focus on The Cavalry by convincing the audience that the Internet of Things puts all of us in the water with digital apex predators.

This was a key presentation for The Cavalry because the audience is at the forefront of technology, entertainment and design and not in the security “echo chamber”.

Talk: Derbycon 3.0

Josh Corman’s talk from Derbycon 3.0. This talk preceded the Hacker Constitutional Congress meetings The Cavalry held for 2 days.

Talk: BSides Las Vegas 2013

This is the talk that announced The Cavalry. Josh Corman and Nick Percoco delivered this at BSides Las Vegas, in 2013. The formative elements are here, though our message has evolved.