Talk: OWASP AppSec USA

At OWASP AppSec USA 2013, Josh and Nick came back to the stage to tell their story again, with an update.

Talk: TEDx Naperville – Swimming with Sharks

Josh Corman was invited to deliver a presentation at a TEDx event in Naperville, Illinois. His talk was entitled “Swimming with Sharks” and was a firsthand account of getting in the water with an apex predator. He related the experience to work he’s done on Anonymous and brought the focus on The Cavalry by convincing the audience that the Internet of Things puts all of us in the water with digital apex predators.

This was a key presentation for The Cavalry because the audience is at the forefront of technology, entertainment and design and not in the security “echo chamber”.

Talk: Derbycon 3.0

Josh Corman’s talk from Derbycon 3.0. This talk preceded the Hacker Constitutional Congress meetings The Cavalry held for 2 days.

Talk: BSides Las Vegas 2013

This is the talk that announced The Cavalry. Josh Corman and Nick Percoco delivered this at BSides Las Vegas, in 2013. The formative elements are here, though our message has evolved.